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Yes, it’s true—we have an app. We love it, and we think you’ll love it too. Why? It allows you to:

Get the Ben Hufnagel DVM app today.

Chat with us. Have a question about your animal’s health? Send us a chat and we can determine if an appointment is needed. You can also share videos and photos with us.

Schedule appointments. When it’s time for you animal’s wellness exam, you can request an appointment day and time through the app and we’ll confirm.

Refill prescriptions. You can request food and medication prescription refills directly through our app.

Pay virtually. Say goodbye to exchanging cash and credit cards. Now, you can pay for our products and services through the app—no contact required.

Request medical records.

Share horse selfies. We love to see photos of our favorite patients. Share animal “selfies” with us, and your pal will end up on our selfie slideshow for other app users to see. Your animal’s photo could even be shared on our social media channels.

Give our app a try. Download it today. It’s free!

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